Merit People Interim Managers
Posted On: 04-01-2017

Merit People Interim Managers

Is your business in the market for the expertise a Senior Interim Sales Specialist could offer? Enhancing your sales operation or launching a new product or service to market for you is their skill.

Choosing an interim manager can be an astute choice. The right person can lead transformation projects and team re-organisation. An effective interim will design, develop and deliver processes which will enhance your business operation after they have completed their assignment.
In the sales or business development setting, an interim manager to assume the role of Sales Director or Strategic Business Development Lead for example is an exciting option. As your business grows, you may have a requirement to re-shape your sales function, develop new working practices or get a new product or service to market with a bang.

You set the objectives

When you approach Merit People with an interest in hiring an Interim Manager we will take a detailed brief of your requirements to ensure the right person is found and properly informed of your needs in terms of milestones, outcomes and timescale.
Immediate Availability
Merit People Interim managers are available immediately. Rather than waiting many months to hire a permanent member of staff, our network of Interims are ready to deliver your assignment asap. 

Cost Effective

You set the goals and agree a rate that meets your budget. A permanently employed executive costs a business a lot more than just their salary. Once we factor in bonuses, holiday pay, NI contributions, pension, health and company car benefits, the real cost is likely to be nearer double the base salary. This do not feature with interim managers and of course, once the assignment is completed the outlay ends.

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